Geometry – Trigonometry




Pythagoras Theorem


    • What is Pythagoras Theorem
    • Pythagoras Theorem applied to 2D shapes
    • Pythagoras Theorem applied to 3D shapes

Trigonometric Ratios


  • Right angle triangles
  • Trigonometric Ratios (Sin / Cos / Tan) for right angle triangles
  • Examples of working out sides and angles on a right angle triangle

The Sine & Cosine Rules

    • Sine Rule (aka Law of Sines): a/(sin A)=b/(sin B)
    • Cosine Rule (aka Law of Cosines): a²=b²+c²-2bcCosA
    • Complement one another
    • Used in non right angle triangles
    • Sides and angles MUST be correctly named for the 2 rules to work

Circle Theorems

    • The 7 circle theorems explained

Sine Rule

Side Side Angle (SSA) Scenario

    • Explaining the case of Sine Sine Angle scenario which in some instances gives rise to what is termed as the 'Ambiguous case'

Examples - Set I

    • 5 trigonometry examples using the following
      • Pythagoras theorem
      • Trigonometric ratios
      • Cosine rule