The video lessons present various maths topics at GCSE (and KS3) level. They have been specifically produced using animation and voice-over to deliver the content. By targeting primarily the students' auditory and visual senses, it is hoped that this will help them assimilate maths topics better. Students basically
Watch, Listen and Learn.
Since the site is available 24/7, students can watch the video lessons as often as they want, in whatever setting they feel comfortable in, until they grasp the topic they are learning, this will provide them with the confidence they need to hopefully pass that all-important GCSE exam and achieve their true potential in Mathematics.
The knowledge base page includes articles and posts that target students with a question: ‘How to’ or ‘What is’. For example: ‘How do I work out the area of a segment in a circle’ or ‘What is the formula for the Sine Rule’. They are written using a combination of text, pictures, and if needed, animated videos to provide a better understanding.
Regular updates to both types of content are being applied and if you are after a specific topic not addressed in the website, then drop us a mail, using our 'Contact Us' form,  and we will try to incorporate it in a timely manner.
The aim of Maths Revisited is to have the best resource available to students for Maths at KS3 and GCSE level.
We will be adding more videos to cover new topics over the coming weeks and months. So watch out for these...
We have a roadmap to introduce additional topics and examples. However should we get requests to get a specific topic ahead of its scheduled date then we will take this into consideration.