About Maths Revisited


Sometimes... you wish you could have a particular Maths topic explained to you just one more time.

We all have different learning abilities and having the opportunity to listen to a Maths topic again can make the difference between moving forward and... thinking that you are facing an impossible task.

Maths Revisited was born with the idea that if you can just get another chance. you might just be able to solve that problem or have a go at more challenging ones.   At the heart Maths Revisited is



Using a series of videos to explain Math topics, subscribers to the website can fully concentrate on learning at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home avoiding any discruption that could hamper their learning.

In addition to the video lessons, our Knowledge Base page includes articles and posts that target students with a question: ‘How to’ or ‘What is’.  They are written as short articles and may include a video for greater clarity.

There will be regular updates to both types of content and if you are after a specific topic not addressed in the website than drop us an email and we will try and incorporate it in a timely manner. 

The aim of Maths Revisited is to make this site the best it can be to help students achieve their full potential in Mathematics so register today and start rebuilding your confidence . Subscription is just £9.99/year

We welcome your feedback so please do send us your comments.


Nouri Dib
BSc (Chemistry)  PGDip (Computing)
Founder and author of MathsRevisited.co.uk